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We are committed to leading the crowdfunding industry through our intense focus of helping companies raise capital and empowering our investors. Strong leaders and empowered employees are the key drivers of business innovation and growth.

ArawakX Leadership

D’Arcy Rahming Sr.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

D’Arcy Sr. was an early pioneer in electronic trading systems with Reuters America on their Globex project. D’Arcy was the first COO of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX). He has 20 years of experience as a leading management consultant for SMEs. D’Arcy Sr is a trustee and lecturer at the University of the Bahamas and the current treasurer of the Bahamas Olympic committee. D’Arcy holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

D'Arcy Rahming Jr.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

D’Arcy Jr. is the Chief Technology Officer at ArawakX who leads the IT strategy and vision a for the company. D’Arcy’s passion has driven the ArawakX’s technical approach to create a world-class user experience for its customers and alliance partners. He currently serves on the Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) Orange Economy Advisory Committee. D’Arcy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering with a specialization in Controlled Systems Design.

Winston Rolle

Chief of Equities (CE)
Winston is a national leading expert in SMEs and startups bringing a lot of knowledge on how to vet businesses properly. He is a former CEO of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and former Chief Consultant to the Small Business Development Center, where he oversaw its creation.

Leroy Archer

Chief of Investor Relations (CIR)

Leroy has an excellent record as a CEO, holding the highest national raise of $62M with the Heineken group in the Bahamas. Leroy mediates relationships with Lead Investors, by affirming their interest and educating them on the process by which companies are vetted and list on ArawakX.

Kenneth Donathan

Chief Community Officer (CCO)

Ken brings 40 years of Banking Experience to ArawakX and years of experience as the CEO of a Real Estate Development Fund. Ken’s passion is for smaller investors and financial education and inclusion.

Michael Turnquest

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Michael is a Certified Public Accountant with 30 years of experience. He attended St. Anne’s High School, the College of The Bahamas and St. John’s University, Minnesota after which he began his professional career as a Certified Public Accountant with Deloitte & Touch in 1990. His business experience spans public accounting, consulting and management in major Bahamian industries involved with a variety of products and services including non-profits, international finance, tourism, pharmaceuticals, retailing and wholesale.

Robertson Dieudonne

Chief of Caribbean Development (CCD)

Robert Dieudonne is a Bahamian entrepreneur who has lived in both the United States and The Bahamas. He has created numerous companies including a chain of retail discount stores, which has impacted the lives of many Bahamians by providing them quality clothing, footwear, household items and accessories at affordable prices.  His promotional company, Universal Impact Marketing & Promotions, has promoted many major national and international events. His work has highlighted the importance of Caribbean cultural exposition.

Our Team

Beaumont Todd

Director of Marketing
Reginald Sands-head

Reginald Sands

Technology Architect
Shamonique Smith

Shamonique Smith

Office Manager
Bria Deveaux-head

Bria Deveaux

Equities Coordinator
Rashaldra Russell-head

Rashaldra Russell

Community Investor Education Assistant Manager
Rickell Curry-head

Rickell Curry

HR & Training Manager
Helson Ambrose-head

Helson Ambrose

Project Manager

Fernerin Hanna

Director of Special Projects
Will Mckechnie-head

Will McKechnie

Investor Relationship Manager
Sakeria Cooper-head

Sakeria Cooper

Community Investor Education Specialist
Keanu Pennerman-head

Keanu Pennerman

Technology Planner
Timothy Bain-head

Timothy Bain

Digital & Social Media Manager

International Board of Advisors

Victor Webb

New York

Victor is a former executive for Dow Jones in the United Kingdom and Managing Director of Dow Jones International Marketing Services. Mr. Webb is a former VP of the Wallstreet Journal Publications and instrumental in the establishment of the Asian and European Editions. He was also instrumental in developing Marston Webb International into a premier IR agency whose list of clients consist of mining, biotech, alternative energy, manufacturers, and government agencies.

Patrick L Young

Patrick is one of the premier experts on Exchanges in the world. His private consultation business advises on how to build and improve exchanges and market structures as well as helping institutional investors understand the sector. Patrick is the author of the bestselling book of fintech “Capital Market Revolution. Patrick has published over 1500 articles including in the Financial Times, The National and the Wall Street Journal amongst others while appearing on network and cable television worldwide. He is the former CEO of an exchange in Poland.

Kevin Sullivan

New York

Kevin has 35 plus years of experience specializing in anti-money laundering includes investigations, due diligence, know your customer, risk management, transaction monitoring, training development, amongst others. His work as a liaison to the financial, business, judiciary, and law enforcement communities has been in demand by law enforcement (domestic & international), regulators & embassies, and industries including some of the worlds largest banks to micro businesses to startups. Kevin also was also a key adviser on the creation of the laws for FATF (Financial Action Task Force).

Doug Kryzan

Silicon Valley, California

Doug is an experienced business leader and executive, with over 20 years of general management, sales, and marketing experience. He is the founder and CEO of CloudPro, a worldwide cloud solutions provider and professional services company. Prior to CloudPro, Doug founded and was Managing Partner of Sequoia Worldwide, a Cloud Professional Services company. Doug began his career at Hewlett-Packard where he helped the company achieve a leadership position as the brand of choice among Fortune 500 enterprise businesses and professionals. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Northwestern University.