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Welcome to ArawakX! Thank you for registering. We are currently processing your application and investment request. This process usually takes 1 - 3 days.

To purchase your shares you can transfer funds online from your bank, SunCash mobile wallet or pay by credit card.

Please email or call us at (242) 603-5270 if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

Online Funds Transfer from your Bank

Transfer funds from your bank account to purchase your shares and skip the trip to the bank.

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Bank: Bank of Bahamas
Beneficiary: Mdollaz Technology Ltd.
Branch Transit #: 03158
Checking Account #: 1350005104
Reference: [field id="fname"] [field id="mname"] [field id="lname"] and NIB number

Please email a copy of your funds transfer receipt from your bank to ArawakX for payment verification.

SunCash or Credit Card Funds Transfer

Quickly and easily purchase shares using your SunCash mobile wallet by clicking the link below and entering the reference number.

Click here to pay with SunCash or Credit Card.

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In the the Notes section, please enter: [field id="number_shares"] shares and [field id="share_price"] per share


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