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What is Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is a revolutionary new way to raise capital for startups and private businesses in regulated marketplace. The benefit is that now virtually anyone can be an investor. 

How Does Crowdfunding Work for Investors?

On ArawakX, you can invest in businesses and share in their success. Our crowdfunding platform offers start-ups and private companies the ability to raise capital through the sale of securities like equity, debt, revenue share and more.

We offer the ability for anyone to invest in private companies by utilizing our platform.


Explore Investments

Find and learn about the companies raising capital on ArawakX.


Invest as a Shareholder

Become an investor in start-ups and businesses that will help you achieve your goals.


Track Your Investments

Monitor and manage your investments to see how they perform and grow.


Raising Money through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding rules allow small investors to buy shares of private companies under the provisions of the Jump-Start Our Business Start-Ups Act or JOBS act which was passed by President Obama.

The law is designed to protect investors but be flexible enough to allow for meaningful fund-raising.

Regulation Crowdfunding

Under Regulation Crowdfunding, you can raise up to $5M annually. 

Reg A

Under Reg A, you can raise up to $75M annually.

Learn more about Regulation Crowdfunding and Reg A here

Can I Invest?

If you over 18 years old you can invest in ArawakX companies.


How is Investing Changing?

The investment market is rapidly changing and the current trend according to Forbes is that angel investors and venture capitalists (VC’s) are now diversifying by investing in a portfolio of companies, and business owners directly within verticals. Direct investments reflect industries such as technology, energy/green tech, consumer products, real estate, and life science and other sectors.

Traditional angels and VC’s have access to large scale financial reserves often this leads to limited investment opportunities. Now with these market changes, anyone over the age of 18 years of age, can invest using equity crowdfunding.

ArawakX does not accept investment from US and Canadian investors due to the securities laws in those countries. Otherwise, anyone can invest in companies raising capital on ArawakX.


Let's do this together.

Create Opportunties

Investment Opportunities

Traditionally, accessing business capital has always been a challenge for businesses. With our equity exchange, we help create  more opportunities for both businesses and investors.


Connect Entrepreneurs

Businesses no longer need angel investors to fund their companies; they just need to network and connect with investors on our equity crowdfunding exchange.

Strengthen Community

Build a Community

Crowdfunding provides businesses with the opportunity to build a community of investors, advocates and fans through our online marketplace.

Let's get started!


Explore investment opportunities in our marketplace.


Raise capital from our investor community.